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Tamara is a performance coach committed to empowering women discover their inner-confidence, authentic ingenuity, and limitless power to take their careers to a higher level.

More About Tamara


“Tamara creates such a welcoming environment. Within this space I felt safe enough to share my inner most thoughts without fear of judgement. She was supportive as she held the space for me to brainstorm my process of moving forward with with my goals. While my success was dependent on my own actions or the lack their of, Tamra played a great roll of support no matter what my outcome was.”

Happy Plaugher, Doddridge County Preschool

“When the pandemic first started I felt lost and overall confused with my next steps in life. I didn’t know if I wanted to apply to grad school or look for a job elsewhere in my field. Working with Tamara helped me organize my thoughts. She helped me transform my doubts into actions that would help me achieve my goals. She pushes you to enhance and embrace what is already in you. If you are on the fence about seeking career guidance, I would definitely contact Tamara. She is someone who will guide you to achieve the next steps in your life and will hold you accountable to your goals, as if they are her own.”

Viviana Najera, Human Services Association

“Working with Tamara led to reflection, tangible next steps, and gave me the room to come to my own solutions. I realized that I was just clouded with hesitance and worry that kept me from moving forward. I learned that sometimes as young professionals we need someone to listen and help us put the pieces together. It’s just a matter of tapping into that state of concentration and confidence that will lead us to the outcomes we set out for. Tamara recognizes that and other women can benefit from her approach.”

Madeline Bachelier, Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE)

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