Hi there, I’m Tamara

Like you, my career and financial stability have always been my top priority. Even before I could work, I knew I wanted to be successful. I didn’t really know what success meant at the ripe age of 9, but I knew I wanted to be THAT. Successful. Powerful. Important. I was competitive, smart, respectful, organized, and ambitious — all things my parents instilled in me at a very young age. But when I entered the workforce, how was I to ensure that all my great qualities weren’t overlooked? I didn’t even realize it was possible to miss the type of hard-working young woman I was.

Well, to my surprise it’s VERY possible and it happens OFTEN. Far too often; particularly to women. Not to mention how disproportionately it happens to women of color.

In my early years, I had no idea where my various career paths and education would take me — today, I’m an experienced digital marketer turned performance coach dedicated to helping women excel in their careers.

I landed my first job at a law firm at 17.

Yes, 17. I was a senior in high school and was placed to work with an extremely detail-oriented, organized, and well respected attorney. He, and everyone else at the firm, took me under their wing. They wanted to mold me into a mini-attorney. To take my ambition of being a badass and turn it into a successful career.

My only problem? I didn’t want to be an attorney. I simply wasn’t interested. I ventured into nursing, realty, finance, psychology, merchandising, and eventually marketing.

During my “finding my career path” phase, I found I was exceptionally good at two things: being highly productive and communicating with my bosses and colleagues. It didn’t matter the type of job or the industry that I was in — I was well liked and was able to sky rocket past my co-workers when it came to raises, promotions, and receiving accolades.

Like you, I’ve seen the best (and worst) in people. I consider each experience in my life to be a positive one. Why? It’s not that I haven’t experienced hardship, I certainly have. But I also recognize that without adversity, I wouldn’t be nearly as ambitious as I am today. I wouldn’t want to help empower other women. I wouldn’t see life in all its’ beauty. These are all factors that allowed me to get ahead of office politics, workplace gossip, and pettiness. I set my ego aside to learn and develop my inter & intra personal skills as a young professional.

In less than 3 years, I managed to increase my salary by 10x, receive accolades in every role I’ve held, work for major brands, and land a job on the east coast with 1 phone interview.

Over the years, my friends have come to me for career advice. They ask me how I’ve been able to be so effective in moving up in my industry, how to deal with terrible bosses, how to deal with stressful environments and feeling overworked, etc. I would share my experiences (good and bad) and wait to hear back on how their conversations, actions, and new found habits impacted their work lives. And guess what? I found the best part was hearing how big of an impact our conversations would have on their work lives. I loved seeing their growth, goals being met, and new found joy at feeling like a badass.

Each of my roles — big or small — and life experiences, have significantly contributed to my desire to share my story with other women alike. And while it all certainly started at that law firm where I spent 4 valuable years learning and growing

Today, I’m excited, eager, and determined to continue empowering ambitious women to achieve their ultimate goals.

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