Here’s The Secret To Acquiring Success…

What’s one thing almost every one wants?

Money? Power? Happiness? I believe it’s SUCCESS!

Success can come in many ways, including some of the above. But the feeling of attaining our deepest desires cannot be compared to any other.

And even when we achieve our goals, does that mean we’re fulfilled? Not necessarily.

Sure, we may feel a sense of fulfillment in the moment or even for a long period of time. But, as humans, we always want MORE. More success which equates to fulfillment.

And here’s the biggest secret about fulfillment: we tend to place our need for fulfillment in the hands of others. In our bosses, kids, partners, family, friends — you name it. Why? Because we want their approval.

But if we continue seeking approval from others, we’ll never be truly fulfilled because we’ve placed our sense of fulfillment, success, and happiness in the hands of someone else.

Instead, you can put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your own happiness and fulfillment by consistently going through the motions of ACQUIRED SUCCESS.

Every aspect of your life can be fulfilled through acquired success. Want a better job? Want to improve your relationship? Want to be appreciated at work? Want to get in better shape?

Here’s the Acquired Success recipe: build habits, maintain high productivity, and engage in constructive communication.

Each element of my formula puts you in control and is meant to focus on YOUR DESIRES. YOUR GOALS. YOUR HAPPINESS.

Here’s how:

1) Habits are essential for our daily need to be successful.

Think about it, if you achieve your daily goals (let’s take reading a couple pages of a book a day) aren’t you likelier to feel better about yourself? Feel a sense of accomplishment?

You may even feel confident enough to tackle your bigger goals like landing your dream job.

Daily habits not only build us to BE better but also to FEEL better.

2) Maintaining high productivity may sound grueling but in reality it’s the next level up from building habits.

The reason I emphasize being highly productive is so you can consistently be in a LEARNING phase.

Filling our mind with knowledge is just as essential as filling our bellies with food. When you’re in a state of high productivity, you’ll find yourself looking for ways to work smarter, not harder.

3) Engaging in constructive communication with those around you AND YOURSELF.

Constructive communication means you seek to build good relationships with those around you and with yourself. That means being open, at all times, to helping yourself and those around you.

What does constructive communication have anything to do with acquired success? It’s your key to benefitting from the relationships you foster with others (they too will benefit!)

When you engage in constructive communication you need to:

  • be specific about what YOU want (with yourself and with others)
  • use “I” and “we” statements depending on the situation (with others) rather than “you” to avoid sounding accusatory
  • focus on the goal/problem and not the person

Why is constructive communication so important for acquired success? Because it puts YOU at forefront while focusing on solutions when dealing with others.

If you can take this approach in every relationship, you’ll find your fulfillment, happiness, and success are back in your hands.

Remember the ultimate goal of acquired success is to keep the power of fulfillment/happiness/success in your hands.

Creating daily habits, being highly productive, and engaging in constructive communication is your direct path to ACQUIRED SUCCESS.

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels